Samsung TV Model Number Lookup

The format of the Samsung TV model numbers has changed significantly over the past 12 years, especially after the introduction of Smart TVs. Before you can analyze or decode the model number to get information about your Samsung TV, let’s see where you can find it.

You can find the model number of your TV on the purchase receipt and on the white slip stuck on the carton box your TV came packed in. However, there are two more places where you can perform your Samsung TV model number lookup.

  1. Check the information slip on the back panel of your TV. You will find the model code printed on it.
  2. The easiest way to check the model number of your Samsung TV is the About TV info. Navigate to Settings > Support > About This TV using your TV remote and you will find it under the head that says Product information.

Samsung TV 2008-2016

Between 2008 and 2016, Samsung mainly produced LCD, DLP (Digital Light Processing), Plasma, and LED TVs. The model number of Samsung TVs during the era generally consisted of 11 characters.

Suppose the model number of your old Samsung TV (DLP, Plasma, or LED) is UN55KU6300F. So how to determine the year this TV was manufactured?

The first character indicates a product ID itself and can be

  1. H= DLP screen
  2. P= Plasma screen
  3. U= LED screen
  4. L= LCD
  5. K= OLED

Dropping all other characters (which country the TV was released for, screen size, etc.) we are only interested in the 5th character of the model number is the code for the manufacturing year of your TV. Depending on the year of release, it could be one of the following.

  1. A= 2008
  2. B= 2009
  3. C= 2010
  4. D= 2011
  5. E= 2012
  6. G= 2013
  7. H= 2014
  8. J= 2015
  9. K= 2016

The model number UN55KU6300F clearly indicates that this TV was manufactured in 2016 as the 5th character in the model number is K

Samsung TV 2017+

After 2017, Samsung mainly released LED and OLED TVs with HD, Full HD, UHD (Ultra High Definition), SUHD (Super Ultra High Definition), 4K, and 8K resolutions. The 11-character model number was replaced by a set of 14 values.

Again the 5th character is the code for the year your Samsung TV was manufactured.

  1. M= 2017
  2. N= 2018
  3. R= 2019
  4. T= 2020
  5. A= 2021

Samsung TV QLED Series Model Number (2017+)

QLED TVs came with a new structure of model numbers with 13 characters. In some cases, the model number could extend up to 14 characters, especially the 8K models with Q950, Q800, Q900, Q700, etc.

QLED series model numbers start with the ‘Q’ symbol in the beginning, which indicates a QLED series itself

Now the 8th character is the year code when your Samsung TV was manufactured.

  1. F= 2017
  2. N= 2018
  3. R= 2019
  4. T= 2020
  5. A= 2021

So, if the TV model is QA55Q60RAKXXL the 8th character R will clearly indicate 2019 as a year of manufacture.

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