‘STB Emulator’ is the software application that emulates Alfabox IPTV STB on your Android device like Galaxy tablet or phone.

  1. Download and install ‘STB Emulator‘ app from here
  2. Open ‘STB Emulator’ application
  3. Create profile.  To create profile click on Menu->Settings->Profiles->Add profile.
  4. Fill out the following fields:
    • Profile name: UkrainianTV Company
    • STB model: Alfabox or Mag250
    • Portal URL: alfaportal.iptvsys.com
    • Screen resolution: try different resolutions to find which one works best on your device
    • MAC-address: You can find it on the bottom of your STB or it will be provided
    • Serial number – on the bottom of the device
    • STB User-Agent: choose “MAG 250” and if it doesn’t work choose another
    • Firmware version and revision: don’t change it
  5. Return to the main window.  Click on “Back” few times.

To make changes to profile click on Menu->Select profile

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